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VA Mortgage Home Loans

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Apply Here!  We here at Legacy Mortgage and Legacy Lending Home Loans know that each Veteran has specific VA mortgage home loan needs, so we strive to meet those specific needs with quality service and attention to detail each and every one of our mortgage loan officers are fully Certified Military Housing Specialists. Just remember, Mortgage Home Loans are our business if you don’t need a Va Mortgage Home Loan at this time, perhaps your family and friends do so pass on our information, or ask any of our mortgage consultants at Legacy Mortgage providing Albuquerque Mortgages, Santa Fe Mortgages, Rio Rancho Mortgages, El Paso Mortgages, San Angelo Mortgages, Midland Mortgages, Farmington Mortgages, Texas Mortgages, New Mexico Mortgages Aaron Thompson, Cameron Gilmore, Bess Daunis, Heather Gilstrap,  Lyn Parrish, Zoe Enright, Richard Mercer, Roger Gettler, Davin JacquezSteve SheldonTracy Fawver, Damian Sanchez, Anthony Martinez, Carol Martinez, Bruce Anderson, Robert Sanchez, Tom Gonzales, Matt ArnotAnnette Alvarez, Paula Delair, Sheila AragonZoe Enright, Jennie Connell, Jennifer Gentry, Randi Cabrera, Lauren Quintana, Pamela  AdameKatrina MooreChris Lucero, Robert Springer, Dan Martin, Oscar Medrano, Parr Pettit, Brandon Thompson.